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4. System Requirements


There are no formal hardware requirements. Since GCalc is built on Java technology, it is cross-platform. Anywhere that Java runs, GCalc should work also.

GCalc 3 does work on a Pentium II 300 MHz machine that I have with 128 MB RAM. I would suggest that people have at least 128 MB RAM, especially if you use the more intensive plugins. With computers you buy these days, this shouldn't be a problem.

GCalc 3 is developed on Eclipse 3.0, running on Gentoo Linux running on a Celeron 2.4 with 512 MB RAM. The machine's name is Fantine.


GCalc 3 is developed using Java 1.4. You should have Java 1.4 (or higher) installed on your machine.

Although not strictly necessary, a web browser is helpful. (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and others are viable options.)

This is subject to change without notice. (I might switch to Java 1.5.)


The user must have the willingness to think critically about what GCalc is doing. If you're the type to shut of your brain while graphing, this is not the tool for you. As it's often said, do not operate heavy (graphing) machinery...


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