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GCalc 3

Image1 screen shot
Graph of sin(x), -x, and exp(x)

Image2 screen shot
Graph with monotonicity marked. Red means increasing, blue means decreasing.

Image3 screen shot
Graph with concavity marked. The gray lines point down if concave down; the gray lines point up if concave up. Notice -x has no markings since it's neither concave up nor concave down.

Image4 screen shot
The Plugin/Graph properties dialog in GCalc 3

Image6 screen shot
Screen shot of the implicit function plugin. The graph of 0=x^2+y^2-9 and 0=x^2-y^2-9

Image7 screen shot
Graph of the inequalities y>=(x+3)(x-1) and y<x/2+1

Image12 screen shot
Table view of the functions x^2 and sin(x)

Image14 screen shot
Graph of the inequality sin(x^2+y^2)>sin(x)

Image13 screen shot
Graph of the Lokta-Volterra predator-prey model.

dx/dt=-x + x y /10
dy/dt=y - x y/5

pretzel screen shot
A parametric rendering of a pretzel.

x(t)=-4 sin(3t)
y(t)=4 cos(4t)

polar screen shot
A polar graph of r(t)=t/10 from t=0 to t=50

Image15 screen shot
Graph of the parametric equations


This is the famous Brachistochrone curve.

mandelbrot screen shot
Rendering of a part of the Mandelbrot set.

GCalc 2

gcalc20 screen shot
The venerable GCalc 2 applet interface. Features easy access to all graph controls.

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